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If approved and suitable, your Partner Practitioner will provide you with a suitable outcome, such as a new or repeat prescription delivered straight to your phone.

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Skin disorders, aged care and chronic disease management

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Chronic disease management, particularly kidney disease

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Critical care and emergency

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Emergency doctor

Dr Ty-Ron Ching

General medicine and mental health

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do electronic prescriptions work in Australia?

If your Partner Practitioner approves a prescription, you'll get a QR send to your phone. You'll be able to access this, and present the QR code to your local pharmacy for them to fill it.

Can I get a prescription without a visit to my GP?

Yes, you can request a telehealth consultation via updoc to chat to a Partner Practioner about new and repeat prescriptions.

Can I get a prescription online without a doctor?

Yes. Authorised health practitioners - such as doctors, dentists, optometrists, nurse practitioners, and midwife practitioners can prescribe medicines.

Is it guaranteed I will receive my prescription?

No. Your Partner Practitioner will speak with you during your consultation and review your request, and if approved and suitable, will prescribe you with an appropriate prescription.

What is updoc?

Updoc is a secure, online digital healthcare platform that facilitates consultations for patients to chat with a health practitioner from the comfort of their own home. With updoc, patients can access healthcare services where their Partner Practitioner deems it suitable, including the ability to receive a medical certificate, prescription/script, general medical advice or more.

How do I request a prescription online?

To get access to a Partner Practitioner who, if suitable, can provide a prescription online, you can use a platform like updoc to facilitate a consultation. The process involves completing a short digital consultation with an Australian Partner Practitioner. A short telehealth consultation is conducted, and if deemed necessary by the Partner Practitioner, a prescription can be issued in minutes.

What are your hours of operation?

Partner Practitioners are online 6am - midnight, 7 days a week. You can submit a request for a call at anytime of day, but you should expect to receive a call during these operating hours.

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