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Dr. Ohad Vider

Interests: Critical Care & Emergency
Education: Doctor of Medicine at Notre Dame University, Western Australia
Hobbies: Enjoys leisure time at the beach and playing tennis

Dr. Rachit Gupta

Interests: General Medicine
Education: Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery
Hobbies: Enjoys working out, travelling and eating out

Dr. Eleni van Gelder

Interests: Preventative Healthcare
Education: Doctor of Medicine at University of New South Wales
Hobbies: Enjoys working in the garden outside

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are online medical certificates valid?

Of course! Otherwise we wouldn't be here. The only difference with a traditional medical certificate is an online medical certificate was provided via telehealth consultation.

Can I book a doctor’s appointment online?

Yes, you can request a doctor's appointment online with updoc. The platform offers telehealth consultations with Australian Partner Practitioners, who assess your needs and, if suitable, can provide medical certificates, prescriptions, general medical advice, and more.

What is updoc?

Updoc is a secure, online digital healthcare platform that facilitates consultations for patients to chat with a health practitioner from the comfort of their own home. With updoc, patients can access healthcare services where their Partner Practitioner deems it suitable, including the ability to receive a medical certificate, prescription/script, general medical advice or more.

How do I request a prescription online?

To get access to a Partner Practitioner who, if suitable, can provide a prescription online, you can use a platform like updoc to facilitate a consultation. The process involves completing a short digital consultation with an Australian Partner Practitioner. A short telehealth consultation is conducted, and if deemed necessary by the Partner Practitioner, a prescription can be issued in minutes.

Can I get a medical certificate online using Updoc?

Yes, updoc is a digital healthcare platform that allows you to request a digital consultation with an Australian Partner Doctor who, if suitable, can provide a medical certificate online. The process involves completing a short consultation request which is then reviewed by a registered Australian Partner Practitioner. If the Partner Practitioner deems it suitable for your situation, a medical certificate can be issued within minutes.

What are your hours of operation?

You can submit a request at any time of day throughout the week, and we will get to your request urgently, within the next few hours.

When will I receive an outcome from my consultation?

If you've requested a consultation with a Partner Practitioner who, if suitable, can provide outcomes including medical certificates, they will review your consultation as soon as they are available. Depending on the time of day you can expect to receive your outcome usually within the hour.

When will I receive my medical certificate?

You can submit a request 24/7. Once your request is approved, and if suitable, your online medical certificate will be delivered straight to your phone. Usually within an hour.